Saturday, April 24, 2010

Acer laptop dissapointment, part IV - The Final Chapter, NOT

Well, the screen has been working OK since I got my laptop back from Acer. Life seemed good again...but, not to fear, Acer has done it again. Since the last repair (second screen replacement), my battery seemed to go full to dead quicker. It turns out that the switch that detects the lid being closed is not functioning anymore, and the laptop does not go to sleep as it is supposed to.
I call Acer and tell them it is a hardware issue, related to the last screen replacement, but as expected, they are not sure. They want to make sure it is not a software issue. So, they request the ever popular "restore to factory settings" routine....wiping all apps and data. OK, I restore the factory settings and guess what, it still does the same thing. Whatever the mechanism Acer uses (either a mechanical switch in the hinge, or possibly a magnetic switch integrated into the screen bezel), it is obvious to me that the unit is defective...

Well, Acer support cannot authorize the expedited shipping/repair that I am requesting, so I have to call back during the business hours. Without the expedite shipping/repair, I'd be without the laptop for about three weeks. I simply cannot accept that, not after going thru the experience twice already, twice in 45 day period...

To be continued...(unfortunately)

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