Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Few more cool sites: this time with a music theme

OK, in my last post I listed quite a few useful sites that are very practical. Today's links will give you some cool (and free) tunes. I am not a big fan of iTunes due to the restricted use policy (DRM), and prefer to buy a CD, and then rip it to MP3 for streaming to my stereo (although it seems that RIAA now says that is illegal too).

Anyway, these next two sites are perfect if you don't want to spend a lot of time searching for stuff, or money to buy music. - music for the lazy. Type in a music style or an artist, and Slacker returns a stream based on the input - free, and ad-free. Local (San Diego) company too...They will be soon releasing a portable player. - I've discovered Pandora after Slacker, and have been listening to for few weeks now. Same type of idea - enter artist or music style, and receive a free stream.

The next two sites are for those that already have a large iTunes collection, and need a place to park it for online streaming (and backup too):
MP3Tunes - Another great company started by Michael Robertson of Provides unlimited space and streaming. - Same idea as MP3Tunes, but it mimics the iTunes interface.

Stay tuned...

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